The setup that I have is a some what of a low profile
system running on a simplex frequency.

446.100 Simplex With a 100.0 pl
Yaesu FT-5100
Power Output
40 Watts
Cushcraft AR270B Dual Band Ringo
PC Info
Dell 2.4 Gig - WinXP - EchoLink Version 2.0.208
& EchoProducer with Ambient Weather
Northwest Ohio Road Runner High Speed Turbo
Echolink Interface
Rig Blaster Nomic
Audio Processing
32 Bit. Sound Blaster Live Audio Card.
Hours of Operation
24/7 - 365 days a year - always monitored.
Node # 51064
This node is an open system.
Standard EchoLink defaults apply for connecting to other stations.

My EchoLink Call Log Updated on 1/24/2010

Please NOTE, Use 08 first to hear the Status.
This will tell you if my station is connected to someone else..
You may type # to disconnect that station.
There is a 3 Min. timer on the system. It will time out after 3 Min. keydown time

Command info
Node Number
Connects to a station on the Internet, based on its node number.
Plays Stations Info.
Disconnects the station that is currently connected. If more than one station is connected,
disconnects only the most-recently-connected station.
( Up to 4 stations can be connected at the same time. )
Disconnects all stations.
Re-connects to the most-recently-disconnected station.
Announces the call sign of each station currently connected.
Looks up a station by its call sign and reads back its node number and status.
06 + Number
Looks up a station by its Node Number and reads back its Call Sign and status.
* 0
Help Audio File
* * 0
Help Text File
* * 1
Weather Conditions     Powered By Ambient Weather
* * 2
Weather Forecast       Powered By Ambient Weather
* * 3
Weather Warning       Powered By Ambient Weather
* * 4
Warning Summery     Powered By Ambient Weather
* * 5
Long Warning           Powered By Ambient Weather
* * 6
* * 7
Temperature             Powered By Ambient Weather
* * 8
Who's Connected to me
* * 9
NewsLine Updated ever Friday at 7:00pm
* 8 8
Repeater On
* 8 9
Repeater Off
A 1 1
DoDropIn Conference Server
A 1 2
WB8ULC-R Lima 146.670-    PL-100.0
A 1 3
KB8WLW-R Cleveland Wide
A 1 4
N8FIS-R Fremont 
A 1 5
W8EBG-R Bellefontaine 147.000+    PL-100.0
A 1 6
WB8MMR-R Columbus 145.230-
A 1 7
WB8SMC-R Dayton 147.135+
A 1 8
CARE_HUB Repeaters & Links
A 1 9
K8YSE-L John In Florida Simplex
B 1
Beacon Text - Monday Night Net Info
B 2
Beacon Text - Friday Night Net Info
B 3
Beacon Test - Saturday Night Net Info
B 4
Beacon Test - Sunday Night Net Info
Auto Connect 2 mins. Before net time and will auto disconnect after time shown below.
Use 09 to Re-Connect if you want to.. But Use # to disconnect!
9:00 PM Eastern *DODROPIN* Saturday Night Net/Newsline (Connected for 32 Mins.)
7:30 PM Eastern OCARC Sunday Nite Net (Connected for 40 Mins.)
8:30 PM Eastern NFARL TECH NET (Connected for 35 Mins.)
9:00PM Eastern AAARA NET (Connected for 45 Mins.)

Print Commands

Print Pocket Card Commands
All RANDOM commands have been turned off.
System is setup to record ALL touch tone key entries, (system Log)
and also records all connected audio.

3 Min. Time out timer is set..

Remember that the # key disconnects your station!

See the photo page under EchoLink to see my setup...

73's John W8JES

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