The Shack It's Self !

Welcome to the shack page.. Here I will try to tell you about my shack.

Computers, I have 5 computer in my shack, And it's only a 8' X 10" room.
Starting with the echolink computer it's a 2.4 Gig Dell, Running Windows XP with
1 GIG of Ram, 50 Gigs of hard drive space & a Sound Blaster Live Card.
DVD-Drive, 1.4 Floppy, {W8JES-L}
See the echolink page for more info about the rest of the system..

The 2nd is a 950MHz Gateway, Running Windows 98SE with
400 MBs of Ram, 50 Gigs of hard drive space & a Sound Blaster Live Card.
this one has other ham related software on it. It sets next to the radios...

The 3rd
one is my APRS computer,
This computer is a 2.8 Gig Dell, Running
WindowsXP with 1 Gig of Ram, 160 Gigs of hard drive space & a Sound Blaster Live Card.
This Computer is set up with UI-View 32 V2.03 Running with that is Precision Mapping V7 Server Software.
Also running is UI-Web Server. To see my screen live right now click here

Number 4 is my work computer, From Banking to Web Site building & graphic designs.
It's a DELL 2.4-Gigs, Running Windows XP Home, 2 Gig of Ram, 2 Trigs of Hard Drive space.
Boston Speakers..
12x12x24 DVD Burner, & a CDRW Drive as well, Sound Blaster Live Card

Last computer in the room, #5
That would be my laptop, DELL 2.4-Gigs, Running Windows XP Home, 500 MB of Ram,
40 Gigs of Hard Drive space, 8x12x24 DVD Burner, This computer also runs Echolink
as well from home and on the road {W8JES} and APRS {W8JES-10}
and other on the road software programs.. ;)

I also have 4 other computer in the house as well..
2 Laptops and 2 more desktops
All running on my wireless Linksys network with Roadrunner High Speed Turbo Internet..

Radios, I have 13 Radios.
Starting with the EchoLink Radio, It's a
Dual Bander Yaesu FT-5100 40 watts 446.100 PL-100.0
Yaesu FT-2400 APRS 144.390
Dual Bander Icom IC-2350 50/45 watts
(Three) 2 meter Icom IC-229H 50 watts
Dual Bander Yaesu FT-5100 50/45 watts (2nd Radio)
2 meter Alinco DJ-196 HT
Dual Bander Alinco DJ-596 HT
2 meter Alinco DJ-11S HT
Yaesu Dual Bander FT-530 HT
Yaesu 857D HF Rig
LDG Z-11 Pro Auto Tuner & Meter
Yaesu FT-757GXII HF Rig
MFJ-949E Tuner
See The photo page as well..

Scanners, I have 5 scanners.
(Two) Radio Shack Pro-2051
Radio Shack Pro-2066
Regency HX-1500
Uniden BC350A
See The photo page as well..

Antennas, I have 13 in all.
(two) Ringo Rangers (ARX2B)
440MHz 11 Element Beam
2 Meter 11 Element Beam
Dual Bander J-Pole
(two) 2 Meter J-Poles
Dual Bander Ringo (ARX450B)
Discone Scanner
HF G5RV All Band Shorty 10 - 80 meters
75 meter Stick
6 meter Stick
6 meter 3 Element Beam
See The photo page as well..

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